BOTO3 Object/Version/Summary

This is just a wrap-up based on the boto3 v1.3.0 documentation to compare its objects properties for Object, ObjectSummary and ObjectVersion.

It’s been of help when coding hs3sh, and left here as a reference for interested audience.


  Object Object Summary Object Version
bucket_name X X  
id     X
key X X  
object_key     X


  Object Object Summary Object Version
accept_ranges X    
cache_control X    
content_disposition X    
content_encoding X    
content_language X    
content_length X    
content_type X    
delete_marker X    
e_tag X X X
expiration X    
expires X    
is_latest     X
key     X
last_modified X X X
metadata X    
missing_meta X    
owner   X X
replication_status X    
request_charged X    
restore X    
server_side_encryption X    
sse_customer_algorithm X    
sse_customer_key_md5 X    
ssekms_key_id X    
size   X X
storage_class X X X
version_id X   X
website_redirect_location X    


  Object Object Summary Object Version
copy_from() X X  
delete() X X X
download_file() X    
get() X X X
head()     X
initiate_multipart_upload() X X  
load() X    
put() X X  
reload() X    
restore_object() X X  
upload_file() X    


  Object Object Summary Object Version
Acl() X X  
Bucket() X X  
MultipartUpload() X X  
Object()   X X
Version() X X