Configuration data needed by hs3sh has to be configured in one (or both) of two files:

  1. .hs3sh.conf in the user’s home directory (~/.hs3sh.conf)

    This is the preferred location. Make sure you set the access permissions correctly (chmod 600 ~/.hs3sh.conf)

  2. .hs3sh.conf in the current directory (./.hs3sh.conf)

  • The configuration files are additional - 1. is read before 2..
  • Profiles in 2. will overwrite those in 1. having the same name.


If you have routine task you always want to apply when starting hs3sh, you can create ~/.hs3shrc. Simply list the commands you require, one per line (no empty lines, no comments).

If you run hs3sh without having a configuration file, it will offer to create a template file.

Copy the required template block(s) and edit the values to your need.

  • Allowed types are:

    • aws - Amazon S3
    • hs3 - Hitachi Content Platform
    • ecs - Dell|EMC Elastic Cloud Storage
    • cloudian - Cloudian
    • compatible - other S3 compatible storage
  • If the S3 service you plan to connect to doesn’t support regions, just leave the entry empty.

  • Optional entries signature_version (s3 and s3v4) and payload_signing_enabled (yes/no) allow to configure the request signing method.

    New in version 1.1.0.

You can have as much profiles as required, just make sure you don’t have duplicates!


# Configuration file used by hs3sh
type = aws
comment = AWS Frankfurt, AIM user sm
endpoint =
region = eu-west-1
https = yes
port = 443
signature_version = s3v4
payload_signing_enabled = yes
aws_access_key_id = AK..EQ
aws_secret_access_key = 9R..Cj

type = cloudian
comment = local cloudian installation, user test
endpoint = s3-lubu.cloudian.snomis.local
region = lubu
https = yes
port = 443
signature_version = s3
aws_access_key_id = AG..F4
aws_secret_access_key = 87..fa

# Template profile for EMC ECS:
# -------------------------------
type = ecs
comment = user emccode @ ecs01
endpoint = ns1.ecs01.snomis.local
region =
https = no
port = 9020
signature_version = s3
aws_access_key_id = emccode
aws_secret_access_key = 5J..9S

# Template profile for Hitachi Content Platform:
# ----------------------------------------------
type = hs3
comment = Tenant 's3erlei' at hcp73, user test, http
endpoint =
region =
https = yes
port = 443
signature_version = s3v4
payload_signing_enabled = yes
aws_access_key_id = d..=
aws_secret_access_key =